Curve Newsletter 83

Vote et proposition

Still few hours to vote for this one :

But you should probably read this before

As well as this

A new proposal to add pxCVX/CXV (from Redacted) to the Gauge Controller

Another interesting analysis of a current vote

Le CRV ailleurs

If you have some veCRV, you are probably eligible for the Velodrome’s aidrop

Nice dashboard indeed


Rewards are coming for the stDOT / xcDOT pool on Moonbeam.

New pxCVX/CVX pool by Redacted

Trucs divers 🀀

Convex in the new king ! this website is very cool:

Hum … a bit worrying for Celsius

Good explanation about veTokens

Synthetics pools on πŸ”₯

Dans la communautΓ©

Fundamentals about Curve

A very nice an interesting section around the Curve War

People have faith 🀣

A nice article as always πŸ‘

Love it !